Site Redirect Plugin for Elgg script

It is a very simple (and small - 945 bytes) plugin, which help you redirect the users logging in your site to Dashboard (/dashboard) instead of homepage again. There was a plugin for the work in version 1.7 but none for the 1.8 and thus I released my work. Otherwise there are ways in the core editing for the same.

A very simple plugin with just two files. It can be simply edited from start.php to make it redirect to any other page (like user profile) instead of dashboard.


  • Dowload and unzip
  • Upload folder redirect to mod folder with 755 permissions
  • Enable from Admin Dashboard

Redirecting to Activity Page:

To redirect signing in users to Activity following simple edition will make the plugin redirect user to it:

  • Go to /mod/redirect/start.php
  • In line no. 7, replace /dashboard with /activity
  • Save and enable!

To redirect user to his profile page, put /profile/$user->username in place of /dashboard.

Working with Custom Index (elgg core) plugin: Keep the plugin before Custom Index (custom_index) plugin in plugin list of Admin dashboard.

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